Philosophy Intro

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Philosophy
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This is the first installment of my philosophy category. Just to reiterate, this area of my blog will be used as a resting space for my thoughts and ideas. What I post in here will range from a few incomplete sentences to in-depth writings. Keep in mind that anything posted here is from my own viewpoints, and in no way is meant to prove/disprove any ideologies. However, conversation is encouraged so please feel free to comment and share your feelings.

A certain level of awareness shall be obtained as one proceeds forward in the search for a higher meaning to life.  This is fortunate because a certain level of awareness is required if one is to ever start the journey, much less stay on the path.  Along the way will be feelings of bliss, confusion, and insanity, accompanied by an endless smile.  It will become revealed that this quest has already been achieved for one will come to understand that the higher meaning to life has been here this entire time.  The search for enlightenment was nothing more than the search of oneself, for this state of eternal bliss is found within.  We are never without it.  As a child, we don’t have to think about whether or not we are living in accordance with any set of higher standards.  We are one with life and all things are in perfect harmony.  There is no good or bad, right or wrong, there is only life.  No judgments are ever passed for all is equal.

At some point in life we begin to take things more seriously and the internal state of cosmic bliss starts to fade.  We find ourselves caught up in a mix of rules, expectations, and emotions.   A concernment over how we are to act in certain situations brings a heavy toll.  We eventually become so conditioned to the standards set upon us by society that we completely lose touch with that which we are and develop a separation between ourselves and the world around us.  We are no longer part of nature, but rather something that has come into nature from an external source.  Most will continue forward on this path and never come back into harmony with the true-self.  Guided by various religions and ideologies, the will to think freely will slowly disappear and guidance will come from a controlling external force.

Fortunately, there are a few who manage to break through this false conception.  An eventual detachment from society will allow this person to become aware of the game being played, or possibly vice-versa, perhaps the realization of the game will allow the person to break away from the conditionings.  Either way, the player is now starting to complete the circle and is no longer a simple pawn.  So many things will happen from this point forward, but regardless of the magnitude, the person knows that it is just a game.  The universal bond will be re-united with nature and all life with again be treated as equal.  The endless smile will return to the face and there will be nothing left to do but watch the show.


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