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I have had a passion for art since I picked up my first crayon, although I consider myself more of an enjoyer of art than contributor. Other than an occasional painting or charcoal drawing, I’ve never really devoted the time necessary to be more than a hobbyist. A few weeks ago, I start experimenting with digital art. I purchased a Wacom tablet, installed Corel Painter on my computer, and went to work. The transition from paper to digital proved to be more challenging than I anticipated, so I immediately started watching tutorials and visiting various art forums. As I worked my way through numerous tips and tricks of the trade, I couldn’t help but develop the feeling that a small level of hostility exists toward digital art. Hostility may not be the best word; lack of respect is probably more accurate. To be more specific, I’m referring to the idea that digital art isn’t real art.

This forces me to pose the question, “What is art?” The only answer I can respond with is, “What isn’t art?” Art isn’t something that can be defined in a few brief words. To do so only limits what it truly is. There is no separation between real/fake art, or good/bad art. There is only art. We are constantly surrounded by art and, whether we realize it or not, our lives have all been impacted by art in one form or another. Although I do feel art can be categorized in terms of visual, literary, etc., it is still all art, with no one form or style being better than any other. It is simply an expression of the imagination and an outlet for creativity, regardless of the media one chooses.

Keep the imagination alive. Respect the art.