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As mentioned in a previous post, I recently started experimenting with digital art. Although I feel I was learning quickly and making progress with my work, I had to face the reality that my art skills aren’t up to par with the type of work I’m wanting to do. Even with all the best tools at hand, without ability I have nothing. That being said, I put my tablet aside, pulled an old sketchpad out of the closet, sharpened a pencil, and began drawing.

I have always felt I struggled with drawing the human anatomy realistically, so I started sketching eyes on top of eyes on top of eyes. I devoted an entire day to nothing but eyes. The next day was nose, after nose, after nose. I started re-learning shading and drawing fundamentals. Essentially, I forced myself back into drawing 101.

Through this practice, I have already noticed vast improvement in my drawings, as well as a re-kindled fire for art in general. I hadn’t lost interest in art, but rather the drive to produce art. While working with the digital medium, I found myself becoming solely concerned with the final product. The act of doing is the experience, and by focusing entirely on the finish, the experience is lost, or at best minimized to a blur.

With that being said, I will probably take a brief hiatus from the digital art world until I feel more confident in my artistic abilities. My life has brought me to a point that will allow me more time to devote to my art, so I’m hoping to work more on becoming a contributor rather than just an observer.

I have always been my biggest critic in any endeavor I have pursued throughout my life and art is no exception. I don’t know if I will ever produce a piece of art that I don’t find full of flaws, much less something worth sharing. However, I’ve realized that if I never share anything, I will never share anything. So, I’ve decided to go ahead and share a few of my early digital pieces in this post.

sacred geometry spiral

Sacred Spiral

third eye meditation

Seeing Clearly

metatron's cube tree of life

Metatron’s Smoke Ring

As always, feel free to share your comments and feelings.

– Justin