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With this being the first post of my blog, I feel it’s only proper to give a brief introduction into the what’s and why’s. As an aspiring¬†artist I feel a well-maintained blog is a great outlet for the ideas that flood my mind. Not only for my physical artwork, but my general philosophies on life and why I do what I do. I want to provide a place where others can use what I post as a means of self-reflection on their own lives and, in return, share their own thoughts and ideas. Whether it be in agreeance/disagreeance with my philosophy, or love/hate for my artwork, I want this blog to be a place that encourages free-thinking and imagination.

The name of this blog was inspired by the late, Alan Watts. He was a philosopher, writer, and speaker who excelled at interpreting the ideas of Eastern philosophy for the Western mind. Watts has had an indescribable impact on my life and the title of this blog is taken from chapter 4 of his book, The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are. I highly recommend his work to anyone interested in philosophy or curious about life in general, and I am almost certain to mention him again in future posts.

I will go ahead and wrap this up, but hopefully I have presented a basic idea of my reasons behind creating this blog. I look forward to working on this and am excited to see where it goes. As mentioned above, I want this to be an atmosphere that encourages thinking and the discussion of ideas involving art, philosophy, and life, so please feel free to ask questions or leave comments on any of my posts.